Episode 3 - The Business Continuity Blueprint (With Dawn Grzena)

Hello and welcome to Mind the Resilience podcast, I'm your host Ramki. In this episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Dawn Grzena, a renowned resilience leader currently working at Indeed.

We kicked off the conversation by getting to know Dawn on a personal level & then we delved into the topic of business continuity planning and went over the step by step process of creating a plan.

The impact of the pandemic on businesses was also covered, including Dawn's own experience managing the Covid-19 crisis while at Zendesk & Zillow.

We also discussed the unique challenges of maintaining business continuity for online enterprises like Zillow where she gave lot of information for everyone to digest.

Compliance in BCP was also a focus, including the key areas to keep in mind and the role that compliance plays in BCP planning.

Lastly, we touched upon the recent inflation and tech layoffs and how resilience professionals can prepare themselves for the unexpected. Dawn shared her insights and recommendations for training, networking and building resilience.

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Episode 3 - The Business Continuity Blueprint (With Dawn Grzena)
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