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I'm Ramki and I'm the creator, host, producer, editor of the Mind The Resilience podcast. I aim to speak to people in and around Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Resilience in general. I try to get their perspectives, learn from their experiences and share their stories. From the start, I wanted to make this an inclusive podcast and its my way of giving back to the community. I try to cover a range of guests; from seasoned resilience professionals or experts in their own field. Resilience as an industry is under-represented currently; I want to break the barrier and share my knowledge openly so that others don't need to go through the grind and hustle to get knowledge.

I've been in the IT Resilience industry for more than a decade now building enterprise Disaster Recovery and Business continuity programs, helping Organizations mature their resiliency and respond to any disruptive events. I love every bit of my work as I get to know both business and IT and bringing disparate teams together to build a true resiliency which is very rewarding.

Outside work, I am a nature enthusiast and explore wild mountains hiking either alone or with my family and friends during free time.

I am up for any interesting conversation over virtual coffee and always looking to hear different perspectives.

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