Episode 28 - DR Orchestration 101 (With Darren Lea)

Welcome to "Mind the Resilience," the podcast where we focus on business continuity, disaster recovery and resilience in general. I'm your host, Ramki, and today, we have a special guest with us, Darren Lea. We'll be exploring about the importance of orchestration in disaster recovery, striking a balance between automation and human decision-making, tool selection considerations, and the emerging trends shaping the future of disaster recovery. Get ready for an enlightening discussion on Mind the resilience.

(00:00) Introduction

(01:45) Introduction about Darren Lea

(03:55) Overview of Cutover's SaaS platform

(10:50) Challenges while developing Cutover

(14:25) Overview of what orchestration means in the context of disaster recovery

(23:35) Hypothetical scenario on Orchestration

(31:30) How organizations strike a balance between automated processes and human decision-making during a crisis?

(37:00) Considerations for selecting Orchestration tool

(42:00) Emerging trends in Disaster Recovery

(48:00) Resilience Quickfire

(52:37) Contact Darren Lea


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Cutover Website : Link

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Episode 28 - DR Orchestration 101 (With Darren Lea)
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