Episode 20 - Navigating Crises: Strategies for Resilience (With Susie Ansary)

Welcome to "Mind the Resilience", the podcast that explores the art of thriving in the face of uncertainty. I'm your host, Ramki, and today we have a special guest Susie Ansary, a seasoned expert in business continuity and risk management.

Susie has witnessed the importance of resilience in preparing for and responding to crises. In this episode, she shares invaluable insights on building resilience in individuals and organizations. Drawing from her experience as the former President of the BCI Swiss Chapter, Susie also sheds light on the organization's work in supporting businesses in Switzerland.

We discuss common misconceptions about resilience and how to overcome them, while exploring the integration of resilience into risk management strategies. We also dive into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on resilience and the key challenges and lessons learned.

Stay tuned as Susie provides practical advice for strengthening resilience in the face of uncertainty and adversity. And don't miss our "Resilience Quickfire" round, where we had lot of fun conversations.

Get ready to empower your mind and embrace resilience with our remarkable guest, Susie, on "Mind the Resilience."

(00:00) Introduction

(02:00) Introduction about Susie

(04:52) How businesses can better prepare for and respond to crises?

(10:40) Defining resilience

(18:35) Role as former President of the BCI Swiss chapter & former global board director on the BCI

(24:48) Misconceptions about resilience

(30:43) How COVID-19 pandemic impacted resilience and risk management

(36:25) Advice to individuals and organizations looking to strengthen their resilience

(38:42) Resilience Quickfire

(43:45) Contact Susie


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Episode 20 - Navigating Crises: Strategies for Resilience (With Susie Ansary)
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